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Floyd is the reigning queen of modern rock radio in Halifax. Raised in Pugwash, she's brought her dazzling stage presence to shows and conventions all across the Maritimes and has landed in Amherst to indulge her passion for all things retro and burlesque. Catch her here on stage, then every weekday morning from 5:30-10 as she hosts The Floyd Factor on Live 105.


Fire Shows and Street Entertainment

Fire vs. Dance, Knowledge vs. Human Experience.
IndusTribe is created by Kindlng, K-la Kiltraven, Mike Danger, Juele and Kelly. Coming from the East Coast of Canada living a modern nomadic-tribal lifestyle. Where everything is everyone’s and no one’s at the same time. Where anything is possible. Sab Kuch Milega. Although there are only 5 names on this roster, we consider many others a part of the tribe. Industribe as the 5 are only one small portion of a larger whole. A beautiful community of inspiring, gifted, beautiful creatures who roam this earth with hearts wide open. Without the support of their larger community, somethings are not so possible but together we can create anything we want to.
IndusTribe recently spent time in India. They spent 1 month in Goa, the international entertainment capital of India. Meeting new performers, sharing and learning from one another. While in Goa, Industribe joined a group of mostly Russian fire performers and other nationalities to set a one hundred and eight hour Guinness World Record for the longest consistent fire show. Shawn tied with one russian girl for the most amount of spins at the end of the festival. 157 times.
Industribe lived the rest of their 3 months between Varanasi; where death and fire are combined with ritual to celebrate life and death. and Manali; In the Himalayas with the element of air and rejuvenation. Industribe is back from touring in India and have gained inspiration and knowledge to create a world inspired, tribal arts collective conveying uplifting, inspiring, back to the roots messages with a light political edge. Planning and creating the IndusTribe show which will classify our shift in existence through the combination of fire, dance, props, frequencies, and symbolism. From the industry based western culture brought on by war, hierarchy, and the industrial revolution<INDUS)(TRIBE> back to the community living small tribes we formerly inhabited.

Sharon Epic

Live Painter

Sharon Epic
The wonderfully talented Sharon Epic will be back to paint the festival as it happens! If you saw the paintings she did last year you know how awesome she is!

Sharon is a live painter who paints events as they happen. View live paintings at and studio works at

Brian Baker

Guitar Workshop

Brian Baker

Sought after Halifax guitar teacher and leader of band The Memphis Knights, Brian Baker will be giving a free guitar workshop in the main tent on Saturday (Aug 2nd) at noon. Be sure to grab your axe and head down to Victoria Street to learn how to twang the pro's!!

Lucas Wilson


Lucas Wilson

Lucas will be performing a Houdini tribute for the Amherst 125 Celebrations on Sunday, August 3rd. He will perform an escape from a straightjacket, hanging from a crane!!!

Lucas Wilson has been performing magic since he was just 4! Today at the age of 23, he has been seen by millions, both on national television and live onstage!

Lucas is Canada's ONLY THREE TIME Guinness World Record holding illusionist! On June 8th, 2012 Lucas broke the Guinness World Record for fastest escape from a straitjacket while hanging upside down! His record time was a mere 8.40 seconds! That same night he broke the Guinness World Record for fastest escape from a straitjacket, wrapped in chains hanging upside down. He had previously broken that record 3 times bringing it to a time of 19.2 seconds but he brought the time down one more time to 10.6 seconds!

On October 5th, 2013 in Yellowknife, Lucas broke the Guinness World Record for fastest escape from a straitjacket underwater! Escaping in a new record time of 23.16 seconds! This secured Lucas his THIRD official Guinness World Record.

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